RE: Attn MCI/UUNet - Massive abuse from your network

Michael, I agree totally. Every ISP I know of is working to combat spam.
They all have a staffed abuse desk. They all coordinate with other ISP's
that is one of the reasons I joined this list.
I believe its time to move this to the next level. Follow the money.
When you see spam report it to the abuse team for the isp the spam came
from AND report the advertiser (follow the link in the spam) to their
ISP. Getting the advertiser ($$$) site shutdown will be more effective
then getting the trojaned/botted/infected pc disabled.
When spam is no longer a profitable method of advertisement then it will
end. Till then we will continue to see virii and worms add proxy ports
to allow the spammers 1000's of points to bounce their spam off of. GCIA
I reserve the right to be wrong but don't exercise it too often.