> AT&T doesn't use CDMA... so they wouldn't be running 1xRTT. EDGE,
> perhaps?

Yes. AT&T also announced plans to get into the next layer,
UMTS, which uses the concept of code division multiple access
(CDMA), but isn't the same as Quallcomm CDMA
(IS-95/IS-2000/CDMA2000). I don't know offhand which of the
GSM-core technologies are/will be deployed by them at this
time, as they aren't the carrier I currently use.

(To my knowledge, however, AT&T does offer GPRS, which is
slow, but if using at least two timeslots, still faster than
IS-95 CDMA non-1X data. :sunglasses:

Actually, you should be able to get EDGE from T or its new parent. It
has been productized for a while.