RE: Atrivo/Intercage: NO Upstream depeer

Hey James,

That's the worst part in all this, so many been with me for years! I just put my fate into companies I shouldn't have. NLayer was bought and Liteup held control of the SF pop, who is fully at the mercy of NLayer / ServerCentral. WVFiber was bought by Host.NET and Randy simply made a choice. And David from PIE I knew who he was from others but hey he has been at the datacenter with me for a number of years, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Spamhaus a few days ago added his IP's as a /22. And surprise surprise now it's a /32!

David didn't even have the balls to contact me and let me know what happened. Has ignored any phone calls, etc. Just told him router admin not to do anything without his approval. In fact his technician acted at first as he didn't know what happened.

Just need to put all this behind me.


Contact: Emil Kacperski

Company: Intercage Inc. - Atrivo

         Dedicated Servers

         San Francisco Datacenter


Phone: 925-550-3947

ICQ: 23531098

Had you responded to the hundreds of abuse complaints over the years
this would not have happened.

Sorry, no sympathy for you or the customers not smart enough to move
over the last few years of very overt negative news about you.


Emil Kacperski wrote: