EOL? What do you mean EOL? Come Again? What you say? Phone companies
EOL stuff? :wink:

Just because it's not EOL, doesn't mean you can't do better either.
Rather than saying "I want this type of MAC" technology and posting it
(as a troll) to a forum concerned primarily with IP operations, one
should probably step back and worry about what you're trying to

Mentioning ATM (and saying you want it for IP QoS) on NANOG is in my
book much like screaming "Fire!" or "Free beer!" in a crowded place. :wink:
Ah, nice to see how the NANOG Chain(TM) can still be yanked quite
easily. ;)..

Define the problem you're trying to solve. Assess the tool chest.
Implement. Observe. Rinse. Repeat.

Best regards,

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James Laszko
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 1:34 PM
To: Christopher L. Morrow; Jason Frisvold
Cc: Petri Helenius; Philip Lavine; nanog
Subject: RE: ATM

Most MPLS networks use a combination of point to point, frame and ATM
facilities as the infrastructure. The phone companies use ATM just
about everywhere to deliver voice across their networks. I don't see
ATM/FR equipment being EOL'd anytime in the near future.

James Laszko
Pipeline Communications, Inc.

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Christopher L. Morrow
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:25 AM
To: Jason Frisvold
Cc: Petri Helenius; Philip Lavine; nanog
Subject: Re: ATM

> > Maybe the small fact that ATM is fading away and building new
> > with technology going away is going to explode your operational


> > a few years time. Business grade IP networks will provide you with
> > if not better performance than a "dedicated" ATM WAN.
> And being replaced with .... ? GigE? DPT/RPR? MPLS?
> ATM is a great technology... Unfortunately, I don't think it was


> fully utilized.. From what I understand, MPLS takes some of the


> bits and combines it with traditional routing.. But I don't see a


> of MPLS implementations either...

look to the private networks luke... Seriously, many large private
ATM/Frame networks are transitioning to MPLS networks because the ATM


Frame gear is/was/will-be-shortly EOL/EOS from the vendors. The costs


run these networks don't jibe well with the alternatives.

Now, start the discussion on: "private network" and "mpls vpn" and
hey, that runs over the same routers as that bad-old Internet thing