Try the ADSU from ADC Kentrox. Assuming that it is a DS-3 loop.


Note that ADSUs do NOT fully implement rate shaping and have interesting
buffering constraints. This can cause interesting problems.

The ADSU <> DS3 solution isn't a bad one if you are going to pull less than
about 15Mbps through the line. If you're going to pull more, then save
yourself a BOATLOAD of headaches (and heartaches) and go for the AIP card
directly in the CISCO box.

In *general*, if you're running a CISCO router, there is not all THAT much
cost justification for doing the ADSU/HSSI thing (a few thousand bucks) when
its all thrown together.

That is about right, if Kentrox has not further developed this box since I
last worked on the PacBell NAP project. If you need full rate DS-3 ATM,
gulp hard and go for the cisco AIP interface.

You might want to send a note to and ask current NAP
members if they have an old Kentrox ADSU lying around after a cisco AIP
upgrade. You can start with that and upgrade later if you need to.