Re: AS6461 issues in Montreal

Yes, saw the same thing this morning, They dropped half the internet.
No reply from them on our support ticket.

Traffic resumed about 30 minutes ago. They blamed a fiber cut but the fiber cut is still ongoing between Ottawa and Kingston. Not sure how you can blame loosing half of the Internet when you lose half of your connectivity… Montreal is connected to Toronto and NYC.


Zayo explained they couldn’t access their PE which I thought was odd since my box was still seeing 160k v4 routes since the outage started

Just saw the total go back to 800+K now and we are picking up more traffic. No updates from Zayo support.

For what it’s worth my company has a Beanfield circuit in Toronto which was heavily disrupted this morning that was also blamed on a fiber cut.


Same here, I’m showing around 3:15 - 3:20 Eastern time our traffic doubled out of Montreal… to somewhat normal levels, no notifications at all from Zayo.