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And I have a whole lot of dialup users that would love to
have a static IP
so they can more easily run servers and such. Several years
ago when our
users were staticly addressed, ARIN requested that we move to dynamic
addressing. Why do my users have to be dynamically addressed
but @home's
do not?

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I don't think arin would object to you giving out static ip's to
those of your users who specifically requst this service. ARIN
will object if you want to assign a static ip every win95 Dialup
person who justs uses the net to surf and check his mail.


Unless you are @home who they have permitted to assign all of their users
static IPs.

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Doesn't Demon in UK do this too? Who's the IP overlord that decides which
ISPs can give out static IP to all their customers, and which can't?
Static IPs would make some of our customers happy, and would also solve
the multiple login problem without any programming effort.

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