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Right... So, things divide into two categories... Major
Undertakings and
changes to existing policy... Requires policy process.
Easily implemented
obvious wins for everyone (a pingable address within a new block would
be an example here) where the first step should be a polite "Hey ARIN
Staff, can this be done?" If the staff says "Sure...Easy...
look for an
announcement soon.", then my experience has been they tend to get
implemented fairly quickly (I believe this is what I just saw from
Leslie a couple of minutes ago on this very issue). If the staff says
no, they generally provide reasons and suggestions. In this
case, either
the policy process or an alternative solution is probably in order.

The problem I see with it not being in policy process is that it means
it's not permanent. Personally, I think that this is a great idea,
but I don't necessarily agree that it's as easy as pinging a host
address in terms of scalability and effectiveness. Outside the policy
process, we lose the framework of discussion and consensus.

The staff is fantastic. Responsive. Intelligent. Good leadership. But
it may not always be that way. These things aren't static.