RE: ARIN Public Policy Meetings


I just spoke with Wael in our traffic engineering group, who I Emailed and
CC'd you earlier.

People who are no longer in his group or associated with the IP project
reported a series of incorrect information on how they were dealing with
ARIN and the feedback they were recieving.

Mostly, the -real- problems were NDA agreements between the legal
departments about who's document should be used..etc, and that was
communicated to our engineering dept. as 'they said no' AND in as many words
to sum up the whole project.

Wael's group is also no longer connected with any ARIN dealings with the
company, and yet another layer of middle-management has taken this over

BUT, I will be more than happy to call you Monday 10a your time, and discuss
with you..and our new leader of the ARIN project here at Williams.

I am more than willing to eat the crow Ive laid out before me, and apologise
to the NANOG community and ARIN.