RE: ARIN is not/is too/is not/is too... blah.

@ On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Matthew Pearson wrote:
@ I don't understand why so many people want to push these ideas to reductio
@ ad absurdum. We all rely on a cooperative network in order to support our
@ businesses. Without a cooperative network there is no industry and we
@ would all be out of work. Why can you not see that ARIN is just another
@ form of cooperation in keeping the network running smoothly so that we can
@ all get on with business. As the network gets bigger there are more and
@ more activities that it makes sense to carve out and run autonomously.
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Yes never seem to understand...

Maybe the reason is that some people rely on MORE than just
a cooperative network to support their businesses. They rely
on cooperative communities, they rely on cooperative governments,
and they rely on cooperative companies to provide jobs, etc.

For a person tucked away in a cabin in the woods in Canada
without a TV and without contact with urban areas, you
may not be able to understand. Unfortunately, many of the
people in the real world have different challenges that face
them each day, because of that they have different solutions
than the ones you dream up.

Have you considered that people DO understand that ARIN
is "just another form of cooperation", but the problem is
it is a cooperation of people that are out of touch with the
needs of the real world ?