RE: ARIN allocating /20 netblocks?

@On Sun, 17 May 1998, Michael K. Smith wrote:
@> Let's not forget to mention the 10,000 dialup customers who have to
@> change their DNS numbers. We have sent snail-mail and e-mail over and
@> over again, yet only about 1/3 of that 10k have actually made the change
@> away from the old numbers. How many of those customers do you think
@> we'll lose when we officially turn off the old ip's?
@IMHO every dialup customer from every ISP in the world should use
@ for their DNS address and this number should be hard coded
@as the default in all client software. Then this problem would go away.

In doing that people would be moving in a direction toward IPv8.
In IPv8, some IP addresses are viewed as "opaque handles" which
are more like virtual addresses in a large distributed computer system.
They can also be viewed as "locally-routed, specific-service, addresses".

The following RFC 1918 IPv4 address ranges play a key role in the
IPv8 0:0.x.x.x.x address space.

User - DHCP Sub-Nets - 0:0.10.x.x.x
Group - ISP Infrastructure - 0:
World - Inter-ISP Links and Services - 0: