RE: AOL tarpitting?

AOLs feedback loop seams to take a month or so to take effect.


My own experiences with them went something like:

Attempt to sign up for several address ranges. Realize the form doesn't understand complex ranges like 192.168.1-4.0-255,, so list the first block and include a note (because, you know, they give you a notes field). Discover you're only getting SCOMP notices for that one class C. Fill out a form with all your address space. Wait like two weeks to get a reply. See if they've actually done it.

This system IS something useful, as AOL seems to have people who target it and nothing else, and the range of AOL users (with as much respect as is deserved an AOL user) likely to be able to figure out the useful reporting address for an email, or to use something like SpamCop is damned near nil.


The feedback loop seems to work quite well though we see a lot of what I consider to be bogus spam reports (not mass mail - just the usual idiots forwarding jokes, mail from their own employers, etc.).. I suspect some AOL users think the 'report as spam' button is the delete key - it was pointed out that they are next to each other on the menu.

The reports have helped us to find a few low volume exploits of scripts (<100 messages /day) on the web servers that we probably would not have found otherwise.

Mark Radabaugh