RE: AOL & Cogent

If I were Level3, I'd give them (cogent) a bigger peering pipe, and take the
money from the larger, more stable company AOL... Might not be common
peering sense, but damn good business sense....

That's actually an interesting thought. From AOLs perspective it mght be cheaper to buy transit from L3 then peering with so many people especialy privately. Ports do cost money. From the business perspective I think Bill Norton has shown that sometimes transit might be more attractive then peering, depending on several factors.

I doubt L3 will increase their peering, they are in a very strict mode right now.

One factor that was brought up privately by someone with cogent experience is "perception is reality." Something I was fond of saying at AS4006. It seems a dangerous slippery slope, once you are on the ropes and a big peer drops you, does it not set the stage for others to quickly do so also? As part of that I would also not quickly discount the human factor. Let's face it there are not that many people that have been doing peering for awhile, it's a small friendly group.

I do find there does seem to be a strange undercurrent flowing against cogent. A cogent thread seems to pop up every couple of months, and in the space talking to people they seem to bear the brunt of rough comments. Wonder if that is because of the pricing pressure they are bringing at >$30meg, or it its a different perception of acheiving tier1 easily etc.... just thinking outloud.