RE: Anyone familiar with the SBC product lingo?

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> SONET simply means you are on a Sonet ring: Two redundant
connections to
> the central office. If someone gets a little crazy with a
backhoe your line
> is guaranteed to stay up (ask about SLAs, and make sure
they will refund
> part of your monthly bill if you have an outage). That's
why it costs over
> twice as much.

And remember to ask questions - make sure they've actually got the two
connections routed differently. Remember that if the backhoe
hits the conduit,
*all* the fiber pairs go - and if both runs were in the same
conduit, you're
still dead....

(Anybody here *NOT* seen cases where the 2 fibers leave the
building on opposite
sides, go down different streets - and rejoin 2 miles down
the way because
there's only one convenient bridge/tunnel/etc over the river,
or similar?)

It's rare that the pairs *don't leave the building in a lateral
to the loop. Once you're into the metro, you're usually okay, but
yes, you need to check.

Most buildings only have 1 zero manhole so it's not feasible
to get a second diversified lateral and it doesnt make sense
to lease a second lateral on the same pathway.