RE: Anycast 101

I know I haven't seen any 1MM+ zombie armies out there and I'm
looking for them. Why spend all that time getting 1MM bots when you
only need 100K?


Dormant reinforcements. Multiple operational floodnets in smaller cells. Rapid reconfiguration of a cell, cycling in new hosts, removing hosts that have sustained functional losses to reactive routing changes. Having those kinds of resources on hand allows an attacker to use a 'Captain Tripps'[1] style of attack to maintain a sustained assault on single, or even multiple targets.

As for why? I can only answer 'why not?' Zombies are being created in an automated fashion, as it is. If you've got the resources to handle 100k, it's not that hard to tap some of that volume to multiplex or scale your drone management.

- billn

[1] Stephen King, 'The Stand'