Re: [anti-abuse-wg] Yet another BGP hijacking towards AS16509

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Amazon was only announcing at first.

Wasn’t 44/8 the space for AMPRNet?

I looked it up and they sold part of it to Amazon. Ok. Got it.

Possible that a potential highjack could be a good faith radio ham who hasn’t somehow been updated on the sale of that space? Or more likely to be a malicious highjack?

Yeah, ARDC sold part of it to Amazon. I doubt they even had right to do
so due to 44/8 was an legacy IP range.. ARIN allowed it.. All too shady.

Anyway, according to AMPRnet that range was unallocated, so no active
radio ham networks were at that range, so I doubt it was someone
from AMPRnet. Getting parts of 44/8 reannounced by different gw
than is not that easy after all.