RE: Analysis from a JHU CS Prof

From: Kevin Day []
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 11:43 AM

Many really small regional airports allow you to board
without going through
metal detectors/bag x-rays. Once you get off the plane at the
destination(larger airport) you're behind the "secure" zone,
and can also
board another flight without going through one.

A salient point here is that many reports indicate that firearms were not
used. Note also that many "bullet-proof" garments are not always knife-proof
(although it takes something on the order of a tanto, stiletto, or a
rapier). Stiletto's can be concealed in the tubing of carry-on luggage
carriers. Boker now makes ceramic knife blades, as do others. Martial arts
training is widely available. I'm going to start looking into fencing