RE: Airplane crashing into Atlanta-NAP

I heard that there is an abandoned Nuclear Power Plant
construction site with a fully completed conatainment
building. I've seen the films of the testing they do for
those things, and one of the tests was tossing an F-4
at the thing at about 600 knots or so. It left some black
marks on the side.

The site is called "Marble Hill" I'm not exactly sure where
it is, but it's in the south east states somewhere. Perhaps
you might think about acquiring space inside there. I also
know the WPPS (Washington Public Power System, I think)
was building a couple of plants that they gave up on after
about 90% complete. You could also open a meet point
up there somewhere! These were pretty close to Seattle.

I'm sure that there are quite a few more unfinished plants
around the country. In fact, I think they used one of these
buildings to film one of those underwater movies. But
then again, we run into the Cisco humidity problem.

Chris A. Icide
Nap.Net, L.L.C.