RE: Afghanistan

I called. Arin does not.

They explained that they DO store the country code with the data, but then
they don't allow you to query whois by country code... At least not in their

It is true that you can not query based on the country code in the ARIN
WHOIS database. However, ARIN provided a monthly report listing all IP
Addresses and ASes that have been assigned and includes the country code.
RIPE NCC and APNIC provide the same report, in the same format. The
release of this report was through a coordinated effort of the three RIR,
to help research the depletion rates of both IPs and ASes. This report
lists only the upstream provider. So if Afghanistan has received IP space
through an upstream, it will not be reported here. If you visit you will find these reports for all three
RIRs. A quick look at both the ARIN and RIPE reports reveals there are no
direct assignments to Afghanistan.

Ginny Listman
Director of Engineering
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)