RE: 911, (is: pointless) (was: You're all over thinking this) (was: Re: Vonage Selects TCS For VoIP E911 Service)

Summary (and hopeful conclusion) of this thread: Depending on which
country you live in, you may have to dial a different number for
emergency services. It's true!

If you read the entire discussion, you'll be amazed at how many
emergency numbers NANOG members can name for various countries,
including Russia, France, Australia, UK, Germany, and more. Although
it's quite sad to imagine how long it would take an American who is
burning alive in some country (let's say "Sri Lanka") to guess the
emergency number there, 699935, please don't feel obligated to share yet
another country's emergency phone number.

Instead, if you find yourself in a potentially-fatal situation in a
foreign land, just go here: (Trust me.
It's faster than searching through the NANOG archives for the right

Well, that wraps up this month's international NANOG travel safety
thread. Next month, we'll be talking about the best way to hail a taxi
in various countries (during a network emergency, of course).