RE: 69/8...this sucks -- Centralizing filtering..

From Chris Adams:
This isn't meant to be a pick on you (we've got some SWIPs filed
incorrectly that we are working on). I've just run into more and more
cases where ARIN (or other RIR, but I'm typically interested in ARIN
info) info is out of date. Maybe ARIN should periodically
send an "are
you there" type email to contacts (like some mailing lists
do). If that
fails, mail a letter with instructions on how to update your contact
info, and if that fails, delete the invalid contact info - I'd rather
see no contact info than bogus info.

If you read PPML, there is a HUGE push via Owen DeLong's Policy
2003-1a to help with some aspects of the whois Contact..
his policy is mainly based on the abuse contact, But I think may
get extended to all contacts eventually...
Owen- Wanta jump in here???

And-- if you feel strong enough to be flamed on the ARIN PPML list
propose a Policy based on your comments.. I for one agree with you..
just give 2 or 3 tries.. If it fails once - retry 24 hours if
it fails again retry 48 hours. If it fails again.. 3 strikes and
your out in the old ball game (add in the music from "take me out to
the ballgame")


That's my 10 cents worth- ya know inflation gets us everywhere...

Thanks for your support Jim. I've gotten mixed feedback to my proposal
here for a centralized bogon filter from the RIRs via BGP, but I will
say there's been more support than opposition. (Most of the support has
been sent to me, not the list, while most of the opposition has been
to the list, however).

I know it's too late to get it into the Memphis meeting, but I think, based
on the amount of support it has received, that I will submit a policy
proposal to ARIN in support of creating the requisite BGP feeds. I realize
that an ARIN policy alone won't do this (the other RIRs would have to follow
suit), but, if ARIN adopts it, I don't think it will be too hard to get the
other RIRs to follow. I'm also not familiar with the policy process in the
other RIRs.

I absolutely agree with you about the whois contact stuff. I think it might
make sense eventually to put a similar requirement for current information on
the admin and tech contact, although I don't see putting the same response
and performance strictures on them. For now, I'm trying to address large
issues in small enogh pieces to get rough consensus around the solution to
each small piece. Trying to solve the big problems all at once never seems
to achieve rough consensus.