[Re: 69/8...this sucks -- Centralizing filtering..]

interesting idea, enable it by default, with the option to turn it off
(i hope)...

my-big-fat-router# conf t
my-big-fat-router(config)# no ip clueless

>> Since most service providers should be thinking about a sink hole
>> network
>> for security auditing (and backscatter), why not have ONE place
>> where you
>> advertise all unreachable, or better yet -- a default (ie everything
>> NOT
>> learned through BGP peers), and just forward the packets to a bit
>> bucket..
>> Which is better than an access list since, now we are forwarding
>> packets
>> instead of sending them to a CPU to increase router load.
>> I don't think ARIN can help the situation. ISPs just need to remove
>> the
>> access lists from each router in the network and centralize them.
> I totally agree with you. However, as always, centralized systems,
> while
> ease management and scalability, everything becomes a trust issue and a
> single point of failure or source of problems...

I can think of two organisations which could probably take care of a
good chunk of the problem, if people were prepared to leave it up to
them. The routing system is already largely dependent on the
interoperability of bugs produced by these people, and so arguably no
additional trust would be required.

One organisation has a name starting with "j", and the other starts
with "c".


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