RE: 60 Hudson

Correct me if I am wrong, but the FiberNet to which you are referring in
60 Hudson is a different "FiberNet" than the one that was headquartered
in Columbus, OH and recently sold to Cogent. As far as I know, they
(the FiberNet in Columbus) are not out of business, unless selling to or
being taken over by Cogent is synonymous with "going out of business"

This is not in defense or support of either of these organizations. It
is merely a clarification of the facts. Maybe Drew is trying a new
variation on the "Joe Job" thing :slight_smile:


Todd A. Blank
IPOutlet LLC

Yes, selling to or being taken over by Cogent IS synonymous with going out
of business. Its one of those signs that your business plan didn't work
out quite the way you intended, right up there with the repo man
repossessing your core routers, or your paycheck bouncing. I'm not trying
to crack on Cogent or anything - buying up distressed companies is part of
their model, and has worked for others.

- Dan