Re[4]: Looking for advice on datacenter electrical/generator

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

> Assuming the genset was running under load, how often would the oil
> filter need to be changed? Are there any other issues that would need
> to be addressed in a sustained power outage? As far as genset
> maintenance that is.

i suggest you get that info from an engineer for the outfit that supplies
your generator.

Agreed. They will have a spec. A genset of any size is more like
a $$E3 cisco than an $500 Gateway; you should have access to real
tech support and detailed advice as needed.


if you do try and go with extended runs between oil changes, at intervals
take samples and have professional analysis done. this is standard practice
for large truck fleets and other transportation and industrial
applications. you can run a long time on the oil, but you need the analysis
to correctly recognize when the jig is up.

This will also vary with the engine oil capacity. In other words,
if they built it with 3x the normal oil capacity, it can go longer
between turndowns.

But if you are really thinking continuous service, you better plan
on 2 or 3 gensets and a rotation.