RE: 2004 network predictions.

Here are some dire predictions for 2004.

While it would be easy to say that the world will end, I think these

are all things that reasonably >>could happen, and we could act
pre-emptively to mitigate their effects.


- ISP's use managed anti-virus/security to sell new managed services
to users. Birth of the fully provider managed home PC?


I wanted to point out that this one is already happening. AOL is working
hard on this '9.0 Optimized' with some ancillary teen-market driven
service, and is marketing itself as a service that can magically fix
your pc without you having to do anything (see TV spot of troubled
parents watching toddler bang on mouse with sound hammer, then 'Computer
Fixed' prompt appears on screen). Granted, they're capitalizing on what
I like to call 'Market Stupidity' and positioning themselves to become
the truly idiot-proof provider, but it may actually work. While im
hesitant to leave such a large proportion of End-User security in the
hands of AOL, it IS a start. It's not ideal, but this might be the first
step in the direction of 'enforced measures' to help mitigate malware
that works on the basic assumption that nobody patches their machines...

Note: I don't completely agree with this approach, but its getting to
the point where something has to be done.