Re[2]: UUNet 10Plus

     There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding how our product works
     and what it's capabilities are. I would be happy to share insight
     into how MFS uses our equipment and share with you information on
     performance and ATM traffic shaping capabilities.
     Obviously, I'm also interested in how you tested and measured the
     throughput numbers you received. The numbers you are reporting don't
     add up. I'd like to help you get to the bottom of the issue.
     Rocky Rosas
     Director, Technical Services
     NetEdge Systems, Inc.
     Support: 800 NET-ATM1

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They do add up. MFS lost us as a Chicago MAE customer because they couldn't
provide transit at anything approaching real 10Mbps speed.

6Mbps is about the limit of our actual performance that we were able to
achieve, and that counts both transmit and receive performance combined.