Re[2]: telehouse - 25 broadway

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Sean Donelan said:

But I would like to point out, no one regularly runs their
generators for 48+ hours as part of a normal test. In addition,
most standby generators are fitted only for "limited" duration
runs. You should expect problems during any extended run of a
generator plant. I'm a bit surprised that 25 Broadway and
32 Old Slip are the only ones we've heard about.

Until I know a bit more about what happened, I can't say
whether any alternative design could have performed better.

Hell yes. "Standby service" is a way different set of rating
than "24x7".....

(I'm sorry to guess if it still overheats, a blown headgasket
or cracked head are real possibilities...)

That would be likely if it's leaking water. If it isn't leaking water, we are right back at that radiator. I bet the radiator isn't doing a sufficient job of cooling the water that's going thru it because the radiator's fins are clogged with dust. Get out that hose and drizzle it over the radiator so that a stream of cool water is going over the fins instead of relying on air blowing over the fins to cool the circulating water. If this doesn't affect the overheating problem at all, then you have diagnosed that it isn't the radiator and will have to start looking more closely at the block/head.