Paul wrote:

this part, on the other hand...

                                              he's put
*.*.*.* in, he's asking people not to use it anymore.

...mystifies me. anyone who has read rfc1034 or rfc1035, even
if they did not also read rfc2181 or rfc2136 or rfc2308, knows
that in a zone containing the following wildcardish data:

* 1H IN A
*.* 1H IN A
*.*.* 1H IN A
*.*.*.* 1H IN A

the result will be that only the top one will match:

I must hope and pray that nobody on NANOG would be foolish
enough to load narrative prose mailed to the list into their
BIND configurations :wink:

BGP, now, feel free to do that all you want.

-george william herbert