RE: "1997, the Year of the Backhoe" ...Re: Fiber Cut In Sterling VA.

Peter Galbavy writes:
        > Thanks for that folks.
        > I now know that "backhoe" == "JCB". :slight_smile:
    So please indulge those of us unfamiliar with the finer points of
    British outside-plant cable-management... What does "JCB" stand for?

JCB has pictures too:

Regards, Ben

In case the UK has got bored and gone home....

Literally "Joseph Charles Bamford", who's company, nestled in the Staffordshire countryside near a place called Rocester ("Rowster" for those unfamiliar with the vaguaries of English pronunciation!), produces swarms of bright yellow "diggers" for use the world over.

(FYI - they have been sighted this side of "the pond" in both Virginia and Missouri!)