RE: 16 vs 32 bit ASNs [Re: BBC does IPv6 ;) (Was: large multi-site enterprises and PI]

I was just throwing in the example of the private AS numbers to
try and preempt anyone who might try to use that example if any on how
transiting to 32-bit AS numbers would somehow cause a collapse of the
world as we know it (It was not the best example).

  Let me qualify my statement; personally I don't think the
policies in place should be anymore strict then they already are or
changed in any fashion for the given circumstances (If the given
circumstances change, well then I reserve the right to change my mind on
the issue as do the governing bodies, and anyone else who wishes to
change their mind); that being said I also do not believe the policies
should be relaxed in any fashion (why add trouble if you do not have
to). The current ASN policies are pretty cut and dry as to who can
receive a non-private ASN and who cannot. I think overall you and I
agree on this.