rDNS delegation process question

At $DAYJOB we have a /24 of PA space that we were allocated by Airband,
and when the account was set up they delegated authoritative reverse DNS
to our DNS hosting provider. This is, in ARIN address space.

Now, almost a decade later Airband has been acquired by somebody or other
who was in turn acquired by GTT.net; we're trying to move our rDNS to
Route53 and nobody at GTT.net seems to know how they would go about
changing that rDNS delegation. My involvement with the process back in the
day was limited to "provide Airband with the name servers we would like to
be authoritative for the reverse DNS and wait about 12 hours for them to
handle the ticket." Now I'm trying to help my GTT contact get pointed in
the right direction, and any assistance would be appreciated.

Someone needs to update the delegation at ARIN since they are the
authoritative root for 69/8.
http://whois.arin.net/rest/rdns/223.26.69.in-addr.arpa shows that the
current nameservers are OAK.FOREST.NET and WILLOW.FOREST.NET. If I recall
correctly, the ARIN Online interface allows the registered administrative
and technical POC to make these adjustments directly from the interface. As
it stands right now, it would appear that whomever has access to
netops@alfordmedia.com,. noc@airband.com, or an associated POC would need
to use the appropriate ARIN template or interface to make the change.

That definitely gets me pointed in the right direction. Tasty $BEVERAGE, I
owe you a few...