RBN -- Please try later

Anyone else having major problems with overloaded RBN servers? If so,
any suggestions from our friends at RBN?


They need to add extra ports to support the large viewing audience and the

www.nanog.org is alos unreachable

Henry R. Linneweh

Bob Collie wrote:

Okay, here's what's up -- we just had a blow-up in our Seattle NOC, where
the encoded streams are being routed. Given our Albuquerque experience, we
thought it would be good to use ISDN to get back to the top-level servers in
Seattle. From there, the streams are sent out to a half dozen second-level
servers spread out around the country. Unfortunately, one of our operators
noticed smoke (!) coming from one of our Cisco 2926 switches at around 3pm
(Detroit time) & was forced to take it down, dropping the NANOG feed. Don't
say it, I know, we shouldn't have any single points of failure, sometimes we
play the odds & get burned, so to speak.

The "please try later" message was/is coming from the second tier servers
which think their stream was taken down because we've hit a limit & they're
not supposed to serve any more. That message has been popping up
sporadically over the last few hours & I think this may help explain what's
been happening.

About 5 minutes in to the 12 minutes that we were down we decided to just
stay offline & just archive Mark Kosters & Guy Almes locally for later
playback (it was 3:03 & we they wanted to get started). The archives are
all intact, & we'll get them all up for demand play soon.

Jeffrey Payne
GM, Broadcast Operations, RBN

Yep. Can't get either of the video feeds today. Will this nanog be
available later in real video format for those who missed the live
broadcast? I especially wanted to see some of this morning's talks.