RBL quandry - opinions hereby solicited

Melinda wrote...

it's spam. in my humble opinion, paul, they should be warned that they are
in danger of being added to the blackhole list...if and only because so
many of us DO have to rely on them. the warning should be along the lines
of no UCE, put something on your webpage for an opt IN choice if someone
does want to receive information on this site. if they don't
respond...*shrug* treat them just like any other spammer.

personally i think it is worse that they are sending UCE because they know
they have a captive audience and there isn't TOO much we can do about it.

melinda thompson

My suggestion would be that Paul draft a letter of intent,
indicating the problem, why they are being given this note instead
of being handled like others, what is the expected behavior,
and the consequence of future action (ie treat as any other),
suggest an alternative (opt-in checkoff), cc: here on nanog.
Anyone who would then like to 'sign the petition' to give them
an idea of the support behind the intention statement in
their customer base, is suggested to forward a copy plus
any additional statement on to the original recipient.

sarah baker