RBL quandry - opinions hereby solicited

Well, unfortunately, although I don't like the mailings, they *can* claim
the "existing business relationship". It would be nice, as I've already
mentioned, if they'd let people opt-in when they registered a domain.

  I've seen the "existing business relationship" used in several new
laws and AUP's. What I'm wondering is if anyone has a feel for how far this
goes. Let me give some examples:

1) I buy a general electric light bulb, can they now spam me to buy a locomotive?

2) I buy a circuit from MFS. Can UUNet now spam me to buy internet service?
   (Reminder, Worldcom owns MFS, UUNet, and many others.)

3) I buy a ford truck, can I now get spam to buy a Lincoln?

  I think you see where I'm going with this. How far does a business
relationship extend?

We'd probably have to wait for a judge to decide.