Rash assumptions about local telco policies

It is always a bad idea to generalize anything about local telco
practices. There are lots of options for configuring ISDN lines,
analog lines, or channalized trucks and local telco's seem to thrive
on doing things their own way. Even ordering the same thing from
the same local telco doesn't mean you will end up with two things
configured the same way.

Ascend will report the "calling and called number", I'm not sure whether
the calling number is CLID or ANI or its just whatever the local telco
decides to send. I think AT&T provides ANI over their PRI's while
local telco's usually supply CLID over their PRI's. I haven't seen
an Ascend with a channalized T1 report any in-band signalling of
calling or called number information, but I don't have a copy of
the new ascend manuals so there may be an option I'm missing. So
depending on how you configure your ascend and what you order from
the telco, you may or may not get calling number information. Livingston
and Cisco have many of the same configuration options.

And then you have the mess of VPOPs using equipment like NORTEL where
the records may be spread over a couple of organizations.

In the end ANI/CLID/etc is just a lame substitute for knowing who
is your customer. As long as instant dialup accounts are the norm,
I expect ghost customers to also be the norm. True, some percentage
are stolen accounts, spoofed addresses, and so forth; but in my
experience the ghost customers are a huge source of the current