Raritan DSX8 - possible to "un-brick" ?

Sorry for posting to the list, not sure where else I could ask this…

Anyone have experience with these ? This is the older / EOL DSX serial console product.

I have a DSX8 that seemed to happily take a firmware upgrade, and after boot hangs at a specific point in kernel output every time.

I opened the case and as expected everything is soldered (no CF card or anything “easy”). They didn’t seem to put any kind of boot loader / rommon on these, so I’m not even sure if it’s possible to unbrick.

Replies off-list highly encouraged as I don’t want to contribute to off-topic noise etc.


I’ve answer off-list, but I think it could be useful to someone else since the problem is the same for the DSX8 and SX16.

I had a similar problem (mine is a SX16) it’s not clear the root cause maybe a dirty filesystem, but the boot take about 15 minutes (while there is no output on the serial console and the network does not work) after that works just fine.