Rah for Patrick.

I'm happy to see that someone has recognized Patrick's efforts. It's
unfortunate that so many people view his efforts as superhuman. In this
day and age, they are above and beyond what anyone would have expected, but
what this really is about is honor. Priori, and Patrick more so, since he
was mainly the primary customer interface, was about the customers. It was
an organization focused to provide the customers with what they needed when
they needed it and at a level of performance above thier expectations.
Unfortunately, undercapitalization was too much. Patrick and Priori could
do no less for the customers, and even in this we feel as if we are letting
them down.

Don't forget the people behind the scenes, Jamie Norwood of Priori's NOC
has been Patrick's right hand man through this week. The folks at all of
the ISP's who jumped in to help, etc.

I'll say it for Patrick, thanks for the recognition of the effort.