Rafting followup

Here's the deal - the day and river of choice would appear to be the Cheat
river on Saturday, June 12th. The cost will be $67.84 per person and I have
a tentative reservation for 10 people at 10:00AM (for Regional Techs folks,
this means leaving D.C. at 6:00AM for the 3.5 hour drive; Pittsburgh people
don't have to leave until 8:00AM, assuming they take the "fast route" that
Rudy and I mapped out during our season as guides on the Cheat...).

In order to confirm the reservation, payment in full must be made within ten
days of today. Note that this payment will be NON-REFUNDABLE, so if it rains
(or snows :slight_smile: or if the river is low, we still pay. In the very unlikely event
that the river is completely unrunnable for some reason (i.e. a flash flood,
hurricane, etc.) and the rafting company is forced to cancel, we will receive
a refund.

What I need next: I would like to have a final count of people going by
Wednesday, the 26th, so if you are a definite yes, I need to hear from you
by then. DON'T SEND MONEY NOW - just confirm whether you're definite. At the
end of the day Wednesday, I will send a confirmation to all and will at that
point solicit payment. If necessary (if we end up with more than 10 people),
I will also call the rafting company on Thursday to adjust the reservation.
Nine days from today - on Wednesday, June 2nd, I will count the checks I've
received for payment and call the rafting company to charge the full payment
for that many people (plus me!) to my credit card. Since no money will
actually be committed until the 2nd, it will be possible to bail out before
then (I'll either tear-up your check or send it back to you), though I'd
obviously prefer no cancellations from the list of people who confirm by

So, let me know by Wednesday if you're a definite "yes" - if we do need to
increase the reservation beyond 10 people, it should be done ASAP, as space
on their June 12th trip is limited.


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