On the RADB site, under features and benefits, the service claims to mirror
"more than 30 other IRR databases."

My challenge is that I need to list my information with RADB and don't want
to go through the hassle of manually submitting every subnet owner and
first-born when I can put a RWHOIS server up for ARIN. RADB should just
poll my RWHOIS server.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Christopher J. Wolff


   I suspect the "route" objects that one would typically register in
the RADB or other routing registries is generally a small subset of the
"networks" one would register in their rwhois server. The route objects
should consist of only those prefixes which are announced via BGP and
not the more specifics which are assigned to customers (but not
announced by them).

    You would need to somehow tag those network prefixes which
correspond to announced routes and also devise a mechanism to specify
the origin AS (a required field in the RPSL route object).

    If you'd like to discuss this further, I'd suggest we move this
to db-admin@radb.net rather than spending additional NANOG bandwidth
on it (and if there is any other interest out there, please feel free
to let us know at this address as well).

    Larry J. Blunk