RADB problems

Hi All!

It seems that some of you were experiencing some problems with RADB
yesterday. RADB was having brief mail problems which were resolved. If
you continue to have difficulties, please let us know.

This situation made me realize that it is not easy for the community to
get a hold of someone to resolve these issues. So, in response to that, I
would like to inform you all of the following points of contact. If you
notice that RADB is not behaving properly, please send email to
trouble@ra.net. If you believe that the trouble that you are experiencing
is due to a mail problem with radb.ra.net, please send email to
ra-help@merit.edu or rsng-help@merit.edu. Messages to these addresses
will alert us to the problem and will also notify our NOC so that someone
can be paged to handle the situation. Please only use these addresses
when the database is not performing the way it is supposed to.


-abha :wink:

ps - let me know if there are any questions.