RADB cleanup - route objects with no origin AS entries

Many of the entries in the RADB were translated from entries present in
the NSFNET PRDB. Some of the PRDB entries contained no information
about Origin AS (Home AS), which is required for the RIPE/RADB syntax.
When possible, therefore, information about the Origin AS was added to
these PRDB entries when they were converted to the RADB system.
However, in some cases no information could be found about the AS
"owner," and these entries were converted to RADB Route objects without
the required 'origin:' attribute.

As we discussed at the NANOG conference in May, these objects will be
removed from the RADB. This will be done on Wednesday, June 14.

A copy of the 2030 route objects which will be removed from the registry
has been put into a 600K file at:


A compressed copy is available at:


If you have any questions regarding this, please send them to