Rack Hardware to demise sections of existing cabinets

I've been searching the net for a solution to demise cabinets on 1/4, 1/2 or 1/3 boundaries. Since I'm in a facility that provides Chatsworth M-Series cabinets, and they won't allow me to put on the 'tri-door' kit (which doesn't demise the sections anyhow), has anyone seen workable door hardware to retrofit a cabinet?

I found a few security screens that mount using existing mount-holes, but, those solutions don't allow removing the units inside without removing the unit. They provide front panel access, but, if a piece of equipment needs to be removed, the entire door assembly needs to be removed. This also doesn't demise the space to separate the individual tenants.

Before I have a run of these things made by a machine shop, has anyone seen such a device?

Replies off-list and I'll summarize.