RA/RV Feeds from RBN

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### Feeds from RBN":

Matthew Petach wrote:

> > Jeffrey Payne, GM Broadcast Operations
> > RealNetworks, Inc.
> As a representative of RealNetworks, do you have any comments
> on the availability of source code to your player, for those
> of us with multicast-supported systems you have chosen to
> ignore? Or is it simply time to declare NANOG yet another
> bastion of closed minds, and closed protocols?

I would be happy if there was actual support for non-Intel/non-MMXprocessors,
aside from Macintosh.

As it is, everything since their version 3 release has been "Error 88" in our
office since they won't support these so-called 'orphan' CPUs.

Yes, I too found this to be incredibly annoying and I _am_ running an
Intel-based system. However, I'm running BSD/OS on my laptop so the FreeBSD
binary of RealAudio-3.0 is the only thing I have available to me. I don't
too much care about the video (it's usually useless even if it does work)
but when I tried to connect I got an error message telling me to upgrade my
client. The problem is... there is no upgrade available.

A few of us decided to expiriment and set up an mbone tunnel with one person
sitting near the front with his laptop's mic enabled. While the RBN feed
was giving people Error#14, some people got at least a little bit of our
mbone broadcast (it was faint and choppy someone reported on IRC). However,
because of the way we had the tunnels set up, we were pegging the local
network with about 3000pps of traffic so we quickly abandoned it. I have a
feeling that an mbone boadcast would have been more reliable and useful had
it been set up more properly.

Now, I believe that vat, rat, vic, and sd(r) are all available for every
major platform and every major OS out there (someone correct me on this if
I'm wrong) plus the source code is freely available. However, I suppose
those without an mbone tunnel would lose out just as well. Good thing I
could get a "live feed" since I was actually at the meeting. |8^)

The right answer, of course, is to run _both_ sorts of feeds. Those who
can, can Do The Right Thing, and use the Mbone tools, those who must --
or for some reason, would _prefer_ to, could use the RV stuff.

Has someone collected the Mbone tools for all platforms, and set up a
web page? Bill?

-- jra