Qwest protests SBC-AT&T merger as harmful to competition

I am saying, "Who cars that Qwest is ticked off." Because Q is now ticked, and fighting the fight that we want fought, this is _good_.

That is certainly not bad, but I DO care who my allies. This has to do with how to rely on them.

And for example I would not be surprised if Qwest statements only go so far as to serve their interest so they could negotiate their own piece of pie from MCI. So don't be astonished and cry "betrayed" if your "ally" Qwest
and your "enemy" Verizon were to announce tomorrow a deal with Verizon
keeping UUNET but selling off former WCOM CLEC portions to Qwest...

Just wish the consumer had more input...

Don't we all ....
(and maybe we should do more then just wish, we do actually enjoy
  benefit of voting in this "democracy" that controls our lives...)