Qwest event 70 min ago?

Did anybody see a Qwest "event" ~70 minutes ago?

I'm not a direct customer so they won't talk to me, but we lost connectivity to a number of Qwest-connected sites for about 12 minutes.

The data is falling off of the 1hr report, but you can still see it now:


A Qwest customer got me more information - Qwest reported a fiber cut in OK affecting much of their east<->west traffic.

Of course, that's hearsay twice removed at this point, so take it with a salt lick.

We received the same report direct from Qwest last night.. they did have a major fiber cut in OK. We recieved word of resolution shortly after 2am CST.

Charlie Watts wrote:

All we got was this, from one of our clients:

DATE OF EVENT: 9/12/06
LOCATION: Network Outage - Multiple CyberCenters

EVENT DESCRIPTION: This is to notify you that the Qwest Hosting Services
has experienced core routing conflicts that may have impacted your
service. This is the final notification of this event. An RFO will be
available within 48 hours upon request.