Qwest bgp communities


Anyone here know if Qwest operates a route server like GBLX, HE, ATT, that also shows AS209's communities? It would be useful for some bgp troubleshooting..

There is one peer in route-views.oregon-ix.net that shows 209 routes, but unfortunately, that particular peer strips off all 209's communities. I am trying to troubleshoot a problem where 209:70 set on a prefix doesn't seem to work/propagate, etc et al.

Or does anyone know of any route-servers run by a Qwest customer/peer that receives communities?
I know that http://stat.qwest.net has looking glass but it doesn't let you run any bgp commands; just ping and traceroute :frowning:

If you can assist, please reply to me off-list.

Thank you very much for your time,