Quote from Kashpureff / Re: question about per. hack

As a new subscriber to this list, I am pleased to see a diversity of
opinions without *flaming*.

I'm sick of paying the NIC to, and in reality I think Kashpureff's hack is
pretty elegant. However, I disagree that capitalism is /pure evil/. Once
upon a time the net was driven by research and academia, but that day has
passed. The net as it stands now is in poor shape, and a with the latest
intense round of backhoe attacks and DNS problems the enormous amount of
capital invested in the internet will have to be protected. This is when
those capitalist companies will finally start to hash out technologies
that make the internet more redundandt.


The problem and, I
believe, the solution lies with the root name servers. Until people
accept and use more than the current InterNIC root server we won't be able
to announce any more domain name strategies.


All in all, I *do* think that NSI has done a good job with their role
as registrar and Root Server Operator. I even think that their recent
glitch was not to be unexpected, and any registrar could have a similar
glitch at some point in their future.

My only issue with NSI is that they stand to benefit without ever facing
any financial risk (NSF funding ==> collect fees as a government sanctioned
monopoly ==> cashing out via IPO).

Open the name space up to true competition (i.e. not the gTLD-MoU), and
all netizens will benefit.


Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.
404-250-3242 http://www.iperdome.com

Again, I urge you to take this discussion over to another mailing
list, such as the iahc-discuss list. I'm on a roll this week with
regards to unsubscribing to lists, and I really would hate to have
to unsubscribe to NANOG due to discussions of silly DNS issues.

- paul