QUICKER FIX Re: [fjk].gtld-servers.net bogus for .com

>> > server { bogus yes; };
>> > server { bogus yes; };
>> > server { bogus yes; };
>> > server { bogus yes; };
>i recommend against that.

  Do you recommend against this particular way of telling BIND to
temporarily ignore name servers which are known to be a little, errr, funky?
Or do you recommend against ignoring broken name servers in general?..

i recommend against declaring servers bogus unless you're going to monitor
them and mark them unbogus as soon as they are OK again. (like F, right now,
is OK again since the FTP of the com zone from internic finally finished.)

  I guess what I really would like to know is how did you handle this
problem? :slight_smile:

  Just wondering,

we did what most people did: suffered. also, i took F offline while it was
fetching the COM zone.

dns leaks a fair bit. we have 20+ nameservers here, and i did not want to
go in and mark the bad-servers-of-the-hour as bogus.