Questions regarding equipment for a large LAN event

Hi Nanog,

This email might seem a bit strange but bear with me. I am a member of a student club in Montreal named "Lan ETS". Every year, we organize on the biggest LAN event in North-America. We have an amazing partnership with Cisco where they allow us to request a fair amount of equipment so that we can create the best experience for our players.

This year, we are looking into some equipment that slightly out of our usual expertise. Usually, we target high-density stackable switches like a 3650/3750/3850 with 48 GigE and 4 SFP for our 10G core. We design our network around small "islands" of players all linked with each other through a 2x10G fiber network. Everyone is assigned a public address and we route everyone out through our core switch.

We were looking at either the Nexus 7004 chassis or the ASR 9004/9006 chassis for this year event. We would then use 48xGigE and 1x24 SFP+ line cards. Our actual port requirements and somewhat flexible but we do need at least 4x10G Fiber ports. And at least 48 GigE ports for players or access switches.

I'm also open to any suggestion within Cisco portfolio. Our needs are pretty standard and nothing extraordinary but we would like to use this opportunity in order to try new equipment and technologies that are usually only seem within ISP and large networks.

I appreciate any input on the matter!

Thank you

1. cisco-nsp is a better list for this type of question.

2. The ASR9K is an edge router, not an access switch.

3. Why not just ask Cisco, for starters?

If you're going to order new platforms from Cisco for your event, you
should check out the new 6800 switches.

The Nexus should do the job as well.

The ASR9000 are more routers than switches, although they will do the
job also. If you have some routing requirements, they are not a bad choice.

For the access side, you certainly want to continue with the 3650/3850


You have not IPv6 at all?.., this is a good starting point

hi lots of gig connections with 10g interconnects etc - have you actually done network
analysis/flows of the events in the past to see what you actually require to run the event?
what sort of stuff are they doing - multiplayer PvP stuff or are they shipping
images/ISOs across to each other? as well as the data requirements what sort of protection
do you put into place (that would affect choice of edge switch). as others will probably
say, this is really more suited to eg c-nsp


Have a look at what they did for QuakeCon.

What Powers Quakecon | Network Operations Center Tour https