Questions about radio resource allocation in 3G data network

Hi everyone,

I have some specific question about radio resource allocation in 3G data

In the UMTS 3G data network, the smartphone has to acquire radio resource from
RNC before it can talk to any server on the Internet. Allocating radio resource
usually takes a few seconds (2+ seconds) to complete and thus causes delays to
the smartphone applications. This process will involve RRC connection setup and
radio bearer reconfiguration.

lot over time and seems it is not only caused by the radio access network. So I
was wondering what network devices are involved in the radio resource
allocation besides the phone, base-station and RNC? And what are the factors
that can potentially affect the observed delay?

Thanks a lot!


If the phone is in idle, I believe the GTP tunnel changes status as well so also SGSN/GGSN is involved.

I'd imagine the transport network between all the devices can affect time as 3GPP likes to reserve resources everywhere, so it might be that a lot of transport network devices could potentially be included as well.